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You have found the New Home of Soul Food Cooking on the web! The Soul Food Network is finally Online with over a 1,000 recipes just for starters. Every culture has it's own Soul Food (aka Comfort Food) and we welcome them all.

Soul Food is our passion and we feature everything from Carribean, Southern, Italian, German, Africian or other cooking recipes grandmas use to make. We don't stop there, we also provide links to how-to videos, tips, resturants and web resources for those hard to find items.

Our chefs are the very best, because they from everywhere. Some chefs are professionals like grandma's, mom's, dad's, famous tv show hosts and many more (even some children). If you love cooking soul food you can be a chef here!

Best of All Membership is FREE, no catches and no hassels. You simply sign up and enjoy our offerings. We hope you will contribute your recipes and tips because that's how we started and it's how we continue to grow.

We call it the "Home of Soul Food Cooking" because home is where all true soul food really starts. So relax, enjoy and share the love of Soul Food.

Any great chef has lots of recipes and all kinds of secret tips to make their dishes special. We have hundreds of variations on many old favorites because not every mom, grandma or chef does cooking the same way. Looking for your favorite recipe, Try our Searchable Recipes.

How does that soul food dish look? Can you describe the smiles on their faces? That's why we have galleries of your pictures. Showing Soulfood dishes and the people who enjoy it! Check Out the Browse the Photo Galleries.

We have lots of great articles explaining history, tips, how tos and some funny stories We invite you to check out and rate these articles and feel free to submit your very own.

Soul Food Videos
Coming Soon! That's right we have Great Recipe Videos showing just how to cook these delicious Soul Food recipes that everyone will love. The videos are FREE for all our members to view.

Great Resources to get those hard to find items, discount prices or even freebies. We are constantly adding more links to great deals.

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