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Shauna Anderson - "Queen of Chitlins"

Shauna Anderson autobiography Offal Great chitlins by shauna

When it comes to soul food there's only one undisputed "Queen of Chitlins" and for years that's been Shauna Anderson.

Working out of Hyattsville Maryland, for over 7 years (we know of) Shauna has been preserving the heritage of chitlins and delivering fresh cleaned chitlins accross the country.

Shauna has been recognized by in the media many times by such sources as CNN Television, the Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise Magazine, The Washington Post,, Saveur Magazine and many more.

You can bet when it comes to chitlins there are no shortage of fans and clients of the chitlin queen. The Smithsonian's Museum of African American History inducted her work (autobiography Offal Great: Memoirs of The Chitlin Queen ) on preserving the history and tradition of chitlins in April of 2003. In 2007 Shauna was named "the source for Chitlins" by Saveur Magazine. She has over 10,000 customers buying her products and continues to thrive even in our tough economic times.

This remarkable woman has given back to the community by mentoring youth, conducting business seminars for women and training workers so they can come off public assistance.

We may call Shauna the "Queen of Chtilns" but she is truly a Queen in many other respects. Contact Shauna on her website:

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